National Safety Council
Defensive Driving Course for Professional Truck Drivers
Scheduled Programs  

The Defensive Driving Course was developed and certified by the National Safety Council to teach and encourage defensive driving strategies to professional truck drivers.

This free, four-hour* session may be scheduled and conducted at your office to provide you flexibility in meeting your safety needs. (Minimum of 10 participants required)

The course is divided into 5 sessions with each building on knowledge learned in a previous session
and includes opportunities to to discuss the information presented. All relevant CDL information used in these sessions relies on the U.S. Department of Transportation as the source.

Check our calendar for programs scheduled that have room for addtional students and register online.

If you want to schedule a defensive driving program for your drivers, call 800-682-4682 or email us for availability

** This program contain 4 hours of material, including video's. The 4 hour time frame is extended by breaks and lunches.

This course addresses the following core defensive driving concepts:
Defensive driving
Preventable collisions
Personal responsibility and driving to protect others
Hazard recognition

The three factors that contribute to collisions
:Driver - Vehicle - Conditions

The driving environment:
Light conditions
Weather conditions
Road conditions
Traffic conditions
Other drivers
Choosing safe and legal behaviors.