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The Michigan Center for Truck Safety is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving highway safety on Michigan’s roadways, through comprehensive safety educational programs for Michigan’s trucking industry. 

These services and programs are sponsored by the Michigan Truck Safety Commission (MTSC) and funded through a grant to Michigan Trucking Association (MTA) Education Center Inc.

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FMCSA Announces Webinars on Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Rule

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announces two webinars on the new Electronic Logging Devices and Hours of Service Supporting Documents rule (ELD rule).  FMCSA ELD...

Mobile Classroom RFQ - Bidder Questions and MCTS Responses

This article will be updated with questions posed by bidders regarding the RFQ for a Mobile Classroom Trailer, and MCTS responses to those questions. ******************************************** Q1....

Truck Drivers Guidebook UPDATED

The newest (16th) edition of our Truck Drivers Guidebook is now out! It includes updated information on Hours-Of-Service, Medical Examiner's Certificates, contact phone numbers & websites, and mo...

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